2017 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips
source: http://www.hellawella.com/save-time-these-7-spring-cleaning-shortcuts

Spring in 2017 is here! Spring is connected with hope and positivity and is the perfect time to give your home a good deep clean. Appliances, fabric, garden, kitchen area, floor, windows, doors and almost everything have absorbed enough of winter’s dirt and oil and thus need a deep cleaning to get them ready for another year of wear! We have provided some tips to get your home clean and tidy.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Doors & Cabinets

We often overlook cleaning surfaces like doors and it is extremely important to clean them every once in a while, especially the knobs and handles.

We touch door knob and cabinet handles on a daily basis and they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. During your spring cleaning make sure to wipe down these surfaces with warm soapy water and follow with wiping them down with plain clean water to remove and soap.

Dust Everything:  

Take everything off shelves and start dusting them with a clean duster. From ceiling fan to every photo frame on the wall need your personal attention and dusting. Be sure to pick items up and dust them so that you reach all surfaces.


Windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from inside your home. Your whole home will have a clean look and feel when you have spotless windows.

This spring season, make sure that you wash the windows inside and out. You can scrub them using a soft bristle brush on both sides before applying soap or detergent. This will remove all sorts of spots and smudges and make them look amazing! Wash them on a cloudy day so that the sun doesn’t dry the cleaner before you wipe them off.


The kitchen has become the gathering place and focal point of the home, so it is important to give it a deep clean every once in a while. Use warm soapy water and a cloth to wipe down all surfaces including neglected areas like on top of the refrigerator, ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Be sure to the deep clean the coffee maker, microwave, and all other appliances.

Dishwasher & Refrigerator

The machine that cleans your dishes should stay clean always! This is one of the heavy duty appliances in the kitchen and you are undoubtedly dependent upon it.

So if you want to make sure it removes all the tomato sauce stains off your dinner plate then you need to ensure that all sorts of food bits are clean from its surface and interior. Use dishwasher cleaners to accomplish this task!

Refrigerator too needs a spring cleaning by pulling out all the shelves out and washing them with warm and soapy water.


It is important to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis in order to keep them looking clean and to remove dirt, dust and allergens. It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year to remove deeply embedded dirt, dust, allergens, and pet hair.

Chem-Dry of Snowy Range offers professional carpet cleaning in Laramie, WY. Learn more about our services at our website.

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